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A Revolution in Healthcare

For our community here in Oregon and for the Naturopathic profession this week was a big week.  This week Siskiyou Vital Medicine was officially listed as a Premier Practice with Liberty Direct, a medical healthshare company.  Liberty Direct’s health share model is designed to restore and protect the doctor-patient relationship, allowing Liberty’s Healthshare members to use any doctor or hospital they choose, while allowing physicians to practice medicine without the costly administrative bureaucracy we are all too familiar with.  Liberty Direct’s healthshare approach provides an alternative to health insurance for individuals and employers who value and prioritize their health and who share a desire to help others do the same.  A company using common sense strategies, Liberty Direct encourages its members to utilize Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinics like Siskiyou Vital Medicine (SVM) where members have unrestricted access to their doctors.  This unprecedented access fosters a lasting and trusting relationship between members and their doctors that result in greater wellness while reducing healthcare costs by 40-60%.   

“SVM’s DPC model is based on Prevention and Wellness.”

SVM is the first DPC clinic in Southern Oregon and the first Naturopathic DPC clinic in the Unites States!  SVM’s innovative practice model eliminates the middle-man, therefore freeing physicians to provide unrestricted access to primary care services for fractions of the cost that conventional fee for service or insurance based models require.  Furthermore, SVM’s DPC model is based on Prevention and Wellness, where the clinic’s success is tied to the health of its members.  This is unlike the conventional disease based model that requires people to remain ill in order to make money.  Innovative companies like Liberty Direct understand this concept and understand that DPCs like SVM stand to disrupt the current system and shift the healthcare paradigm to favor consumers

“We’ve been socialized to believe accessing good health care has to be expensive”.

Integrating health share with DPC creates a home run healthcare option.  Utilizing Liberty Direct’s health share gives the member Affordable Care Act (ACA) exemption, reduces monthly health payments, and covers traditional medical expenses.  In addition, Liberty Direct pays a percentage of the members’ DPC monthly fees, thus removing financial barriers to give members unrestricted access to comprehensive and continuous care at reduced cost.  It seems too good to be true but that’s because for too long we’ve been socialized to believe that accessing good health care has to be expensive.  Nothing can be further from the truth: You do have options and the combination of Liberty Direct’s Health Share and SVM’s DPC practice provides an option that is simple, affordable, comprehensive, and transparent.

Choose Siskiyou Vital Medicine and make this a healthy New Year for you and your family.


To Health and Good Medicine.


Dr. McClane Duncan

@Siskiyouvitalme, @DPCdoctor, @DPCNatureDoc

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