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VIDEO: Guided Self Inquiry, Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Guided Self Inquiry

– In the Guided Self Inquiry, you know I am using, you know clinical hypnotherapy tools at times. Sometimes using breathing exercises, just simple skills of self-awareness can all be, can all be brought to play. And again, getting back to the essential of having a quiet mind and an open heart. We’re creating this field. You know, this field of integrity this field of trust, of safety where we can trust in this process. And I, ultimately I trust that Ron has all of the resources he needs for whatever healing, for whatever understanding that he needs. It’s not about me

– Mm-hm.

– And he’s gonna be shining the light of his own awareness inward and I don’t necessarily even know, need to know what the results are.

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