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VIDEO: Skin, Part 2 – Skin and the Digestive System

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– Your favorite topics is talking about the relationship of the skin to the digestive–

– Right.

– track because if we follow the skin within–

– Yes.

– the digestive system and the skin really are, again, one in the same. That’s another really

– That’s right, it’s like an inner skin because our skin, the cells are called epithelial cells. And in the small intestine they’re called epithelial cells.

– Yeah.

– So, it’s like your digestive tract is an inner skin, in a sense.

– That’s right. The digestive tract just as the skin separates an individual organism from the outer world.

– That’s right.

– The digestive tract, actually, performs the same function because when we eat food it actually is not assimilated. It’s still something other. It’s still outside of our body until it’s absorbed through the digestive tract. And then, it can actually be assimilated, those nutrients can be moved into cells.

– Right.

– And can actually become a part of the structure that we would consider me or any individual.

– Right. It’s the outer world running through the inner world. It’s an open-ended tube and it’s–

– That’s right.

– So, it keeps the inner world separate from the outer world. Just like the skin keeps the outer world separated from our inner world.

– Yeah.

– That’s exciting.

– So, yeah.

– So, then when we start to talk about, okay, dysfunction of the skin, and you brought up acne.

– Right.

– Well, the main cause if we look to what are the root cases of acne, the acne is being caused by what’s happening in the digestive tract.

– Mm-hmm.

– Acne is a manifestation of the inner world of dysfunction on the inside world. It’s manifesting on the outside.

– Mm-hmm.

– So, you can see it. So, acne is inflammation and it’s a sign that there’s inflammation in the gut.

– Mm-hmm. And, so, then that’s just being expressed out when it gets bad enough.

– That’s right.

– Yeah.

– Yeah. And, so, when it gets to that point, you know, it definitely begs attention. It’s important because that’s a sign that there’s really quite a bit of inflammation. Quite a bit of dysfunction. The body has a lot of resilience.

– Right. Yes.

– We can handle a lot of stress and adapt to a lot of things without showing outer signs through the skin.

– Right.

– But when we start to show these outer signs, whether it’s acne, whether it’s certain skin lesions that we can talk more about, then that’s a sign that whatever the dysfunction is it’s already gotten quite far.

– Right, right. And now it’s finally just expressing itself.

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