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Breast Exam

Breast exams at Siskiyou Vital Medicine

Siskiyou Vital Medicine has set up a schedule for clinical breast exams prior to the next thermography clinic at the end of May. The exam will be with Dr. Katie Guidatti. You can read her Bio here. The appointments will be 15 minutes each at a cost of $ 75. There will be no cost for Siskiyou… Read More

The Power of Not-Knowing

One of the things that sets us humans apart from other animals is our deep desire to know things. It is this tendency, along with our incredible capacity to learn and preserve knowledge, that has enabled us to do miraculous things—like fly through the air in planes, instantly communicate with anyone in the world via… Read More

The Heart & the Power of Positive Emotions

I like to call the heart the organ of perception for warmth and positive emotions. Think about it…when we experience love, gratitude, care, compassion, appreciation we feel it in the heart and it’s usually accompanied by a sense of warmth. Science is now discovering that there is more to this experience than just that warm… Read More