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Food is Medicine – Indian Dahl (Soup)

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Food Is Medicine

Welcome to Fall!  It is a great time for soups and stews.  I wish to kick off this Fall season with a  flavor profile from India.  This freezes well for future meals.  Feel free to change up the spices or add more or less.   2 1/2 cups yellow or red lentils 5 cups of water… Read More

Food is Medicine – Veggie Chili

This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series Food Is Medicine

The first day of fall is only a few days away and what better way to settle into colder weather than a bowl of chili.  This recipe has a great chili flavor and lots of veggies.  Let it stand alone or, as we recently did, pair it with a juicy grilled burger.  This recipe is… Read More

Estrogen Dominance: A Modern Dilemma

Estrogen dominance is one of the most common hormonal imbalances that women experience in today’s day and age. Here I discuss the symptoms and complications of estrogen dominance, and give you helpful tips on ways to break free from the estrogen dominance cycle. 

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT): The nuts and bolts

With signs and symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, low libido, loss of muscle mass, and lack of motivation, gents by the thousands are looking for answers. Testosterone can be a great treatment option but men should understand the nuts and bolts of Testosterone Replacement Therapy. 

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3 Ways to Protect and Heal Your Lungs After Prolonged Smoke Exposure

Siskiyou Vital Medicine Naturopathic Doctor Sonja Halsey gives tips on herbs and supplements that can help protect and heal our lungs after this prolonged smoke exposure. 

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How to Preserve Your Health in this Smoke

Learn how to take precaution to preserve your health during fire season. Here in Southern Oregon we are dealing with very poor air quality conditions due to the surrounding forest fires. These conditions are at the very least challenging and can potentially cause serious health issues.

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With the summer growing season in full swing here in the Rogue Valley, check out what’s growing locally. Whether it’s hitting up the farmer’s market or stopping by a local farm, you will be sure to find a plethora of healthy choices to add to your diet. 

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WTF?! What the Fat

Siskiyou Vital Medicine’s McClane Duncan, ND debunks common myths about diet and disease.

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Why Food Quality & Diversity is Important—It’s Not Why You Think

The most important topic regarding food today is its quality. The second major issue is the decline in the diversity of edible foods available in the marketplace. How does this impact you and what’s the solution? Leading southern Oregon Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Ron Veitel explains.

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Dr. Halsey, ND | 5 Ways the Microbiome Contributes to Health…Or Dis-ease

Dr. Halsey, ND, is excited to join the Siskiyou Vital Medicine Community! Here’s a little bit about her and a sneak peek of Siskiyou Vital Medicine’s upcoming 6-week “My Nutrition Map” course on nutrition and our relationship to food—5 Ways the Microbiome Contributes to Health.. Or Dis-ease.

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New Practitioner and New Location for Siskiyou Vital Medicine!

Video Update:

  • Thank you everyone!
  • New Physician: Dr. Sonya Halsey
  • New Nutritionalist: Ron Veitel
  • Six Weeks Nutritional Course: My Nutrition Map
  • Sign up for this Course starting on August 17
  • New Clinic Update
  • Opening Date July 18!

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Restore Function, Reduce Pain and Avoid Surgery

Your body CAN heal itself with a very popular treatment commonly used by amateur or professional athletes, outdoorsman, youth, workers and retirees looking to restore function, reduce pain, and avoid surgery. 

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Low Fat vs. Good Fat

Eating a low fat diet is not resulting in a low fat nation when it comes to weight, nor is it resulting in better cardiovascular health, less cancer or fewer cases of diabetes. In fact, it seems to be doing the exact opposite. Why?

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The Dirt on Building a Robust Immune System

It’s that time of year when your kids are sniffling, co-workers are sneezing, and you’re just hoping to get through the next few months unscathed.  Yep, it’s flu season and resistance seems futile. So what is your flu season plan? How are you going to protect yourself and if you get the crud, how will you reduce the severity and shorten the time you feel like horrible?

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Non-narcotic, alternative chronic pain therapies can bring you pain relief without risk of addiction and debilitating side-effects. Siskiyou Vital Medicine can help you break the pain cycle by stimulating cellular repair, rejuvenating damaged tissues, and restoring normal function for almost any part of the body.  

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Oxidative Therapy: A Counterintuitive Approach to Healing

As a Naturopathic Physician I practice medicine from a Vitalistic perspective, where I strive to stimulate the body to bring about healing and wellness.  As a result I utilize restorative medical therapies, one of which is Ozone.  Through my Ozone practice I quickly realized that the ROS were actually the agent responsible for instigating the healing process.  Yet, this was counterintuitive and in direct conflict with what I had come to believe about free radicals.  My realization spawned further research into oxidative healing mechanisms…

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Hawthorne – A Gentle, Yet Powerful Heart Medicine

Crataegus species, known commonly as Hawthorne, is a tree that belongs to the rose family.  And like the rose, it has thorns.  Amongst the thorns lies a medicine that is a gentle, yet powerful heart medicine.  The parts of the plant that are used for the medicine are the leaves, flowers and berries.  The leaves and flowers are harvested in the springtime, and autumn is the time that the berries are harvested.  It can be used as a tea, tincture, powdered into a capsule, or…

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9 Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy

Every parent wants the best for their child(ren).  Keeping our children healthy is vital to their happiness and success.  Especially with school now underway, parents often ask, “How can I prevent my kid(s) from seemingly catching every illness?”  For some parents, they may question whether their child is ever really “well” because of the short bouts between illnesses, especially things like coughs and the common cold…

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