First Visit

The first visit to a new provide can make some feel uneasy or anxious because they don’t know what to expect. At Siskiyou Vital Medicine, we want to ensure your time at our office is as comfortable and productive as possible.

When you arrive

To help get you checked in and ensure a smooth first visit, please bring your completed health history form that was sent to you via email. This form will include prescriptions you’re taking, surgeries and procedures you’ve had, hospitalizations and more, so it might be helpful to jot down some notes in advance. You will also be asked to share your medical records from other providers and will need to sign to release them.

Come to the appointment with specific questions about your health that you’d like addressed. If you’ve had recent symptoms of malaise or a condition, think about what the symptoms feel like, when it occurs, how long it lasts, and what makes it better or worse. These will all be questions the provider explores with you.

During the appointment

At the beginning of your appointment, your provider will take a few minutes to go over your health history and learn what brought you into the clinic. Depending on the concerns, the provider will most likely perform a physical exam to assess your health.

Become A Member Today

Siskiyou Vital Medicine is a membership-based direct primary care practice, which means the providers work with you to understand your entire health history and customize a treatment plan to manage your long-term healthcare needs. When you join our practice, you are part of an exclusive membership that affords you benefits you won’t receive in a traditional medical setting.



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