Food Is Medicine – Nut Butters

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Who doesn’t like a good nut butter?  They are a good source of protein and easy last-minute snack.  You can easily make your own with peanuts, almonds, walnuts, and cashews as an example and a food processor.  Making your own nut butters assures you what you are truly eating.  For peanuts, I prefer to use Valencia peanuts as they are a bit naturally sweeter.  Runner peanuts are the ones used in most commercial peanut butter and most easily purchased. 

  • 1lb of nuts
  • salt to taste, optional
  1. Place nuts into a food processor
  2. Turn on the food processor
  3. Watch and periodically turn off the food processor and scrape down the sides.  Turn the food processor back on until the nuts become a creamy butter.

The nuts will go through a chopped-up stage, a crumbly stage and then, at last, will start smoothing out.  It takes some time but patience pays off.

Store nut butters for a week or two in a cool place.  Longer storage may require refrigeration to avoid the nuts turning rancid.