As you know, fitness is an important cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. Our doctors always encourage their patients to jog, ride a bike, swim or go to a gym for a regular workout. These are all great ways of staying fit, but we have found something even better, something revolutionary, something that can give you a complete and effective body workout in a fraction of the time it takes any other way. It’s called ARX. And it’s right here in Medford.

What in the world is an ARX?

ARX stands for “Adaptive Resistance Exercise”. It’s a workout machine that adjusts automatically to your strength level as you pull first, then resist the pull, then push, then resist the push. Training is done first with the arms, then with the legs; multiple exercises are available. The machine applies perfect opposing resistance directly proportionate to the force the user is producing at each moment in time. The workout is set up once for each user specifically, then that program can be called up again in the future. Each exercise takes two minutes, and the whole workout is complete in about 15 minutes. The ARX machine tracks and stores your workout information, providing instant results on its monitor, which makes it easy to see the progress.

How is it better than other workouts?

ARX uses every muscle group in your body, effectively strengthening them in the process. You can expect to lose fat and at the same time gain lean muscle, which will strengthen your body considerably. Better cardio fitness is another positive effect of this training – and that in a fraction of time! Twice a week, at 15 minutes per workout, this is the most efficient fitness machine you will ever find.

What if I want to exercise more?

Muscles need time to rebuild after each training. It is suggested to have at least 48 hours between exercising on the ARX. For even better results, the workout can be combined with relaxation on the electromagnetic frequency mat, the use of muscle rollers, massages or dry floating before or after the workout.

What if I have never exercised in a gym before?

ARX can safely be used by anyone with two arms and two legs, no matter what age or fitness level they are at. It dynamically adjusts to the force the user is producing, and provides resistance to exactly match that force. So no matter if you are a celebrity, athlete, busy professional, a parent – anyone interested in improving their fitness – you can use this machine.

Exercising helps you to:

  • Manage weight
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve overall health, resistance to infection, lowers risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes
  • Maintain or build strength
  • Relieve pain
  • Ease depression
  • Improve brain fitness
  • Increase testosterone levels in men
  • Increases insulin sensitivity, which lowers blood sugar levels.
    It will also make you feel stronger and happier.

Where to find ARX

In Southern Oregon, you can find an ARX machine at Epic Wellness in Medford. Blake, the owner, is very helpful, knowledgable and passionate about fitness. He will get you set up on ARX and offer instructions and useful tips. At Epic Wellness, you can also take advantage of an electromagnetic frequency mat, muscle rollers, massages, sauna, dry floating and more. Learn more here: