When it comes to natural therapies I have a few remedies that deliver results consistently but
not one delivers as consistently as Ozone. Ozone, a gas, has been used medically since its
discovery in 1785 by Dutch physicist, Martinus Van Marum. This oxygen gas has traditionally
been used to address bacterial and viral infections but we now understand that ozone’s
benefits go way beyond its anti-microbial effects.

Disease can sometimes be difficult to address due to the fact that it is typically a complex of
imbalances in the body. This means that more often than not more than one body system Is
involved in the disease process. Fundamentally, as a Naturopathic Physician, I use a whole
mind-body approach to remove any obstacles to cure and then stimulate the body’s innate
repair mechanisms. Stimulating the repair process is where I find Ozone most helpful as it
tends to address multiple body systems at one time, bringing resolution to the disease process
more quickly.

Ozone triggers several detox and healing pathways when used appropriately. It has been found
that ozone upregulates cellular energy production, antioxidant production, down regulates pain
and inflammation, stimulates liver function, and contributes to the regeneration of tissue as an
anti-aging agent. Clinically, I have been using ozone infusions to help with post viral fatigue,
chronic infections, inflammatory autoimmune issues, immune balancing, and for anti-aging. I
also use ozone to treat arthritis and injury in joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles by
injecting it directly into or around the problem areas. This results in reduction of pain and
speeds the healing process significantly.

People are often amazed that it’s possible to inject a gas and are curious about any harmful side
effects. As any medical intervention, ozone can be harmful if used or produced improperly.
However, due to the fact that our bodies are adapted to utilize and metabolize ozone, side
effects are very rare and are almost never harmful. My ozone patients report that treatment
with ozone is easy, painless, and regenerative. I too have used ozone for my own health issues
and find it very gentle and effective.

If you are dealing with a health issue that seems to be tough to resolve, it is my
recommendation to give us a call at Siskiyou Vital Medicine (541) 210-5687 to see if ozone,
among many other healing modalities, could aid you in your healing.

Yours truly,

McClane Duncan, ND