Eating a low fat diet is not resulting in a low fat nation when it comes to weight, nor is it resulting in better cardiovascular health, less cancer or fewer cases of diabetes. In fact, it seems to be doing the exact opposite.

So why is this happening?

Why is it that Americans spend more money on health care and yet we are nowhere near the top when it comes to international health rankings, and how can it be that Americans make up 6% of the World’s population yet we are responsible for 34% of the World’s biomass due to obesity? Whoa!

Eating Low-fat is to Blame

Well, surely we can blame some of the weight problems on hormones, environmental toxins, sedentary lifestyle and stress but I propose that eating a low-fat diet is largely to blame. When we avoid high quality fats found in nourishing foods we set ourselves up for decreased satiety and food cravings. These food cravings often lead us to eating more, eating more sweets and eating more carbohydrates.

The elimination of fat from our diet is essentially causing us to eat more sugar. Too much sugar causes increased blood insulin levels, increased production of adipose tissue (fat), and increased triglyceride levels, both of which result in obesity, insulin resistance, sexual dysfunction and increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

What’s the Solution?

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t eat low fat, eat good fat. Good fats can be found in a variety of places like sustainably harvested wild caught fish, grass fed beef, free range poultry and organic-locally grown plants and nuts.

Finally, eat mindfully, enjoy your meals with your friends and family, move your body every day and laugh often.

For more information on how to eat healthy, schedule an appointment with Siskiyou Vital Medicine’s very own Nutritional Therapy Practitioner  Stacey Bailey, NTP. You may also join us at Natural Grocers for a FREE evening of cooking, eating and connecting.

In Health,
McClane Duncan, ND

Dr. Duncan received his Undergraduate Degree, Bachelor of Science in Biology, from the University of Houston-Downtown. He earned his Doctorate Degree as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University and his Post Graduate Training in Prolotherapy, Neurotherapy, and Ozone therapy from the Klinghardt Academy. He is also trained in Anthroposophical Medicine. His medical approach is rooted in Vitalism, a system of medicine that focuses on cure using the body’s own innate ability to heal. He employs time tested natural therapies as well as the latest medical technology to develop sustainable health plans that empower his patients to take control of their health. It is his intention to make complex medicine simple, reconnect people with their bodies, and teach his patients the foundations of health.