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We are proud to offer of members additional coverage through the following plans.

What is Medical Cost Sharing?

A Cost Sharing Community is where members come together to help each other share the burden of major medical expenses.  Each member selects an Individual Unreimbursed Amount (IUA) of their choice and commits to a monthly contribution. Plans range from $500 IUA to $5,000 IUA.

Here are some highlights of Medical Cost Sharing:

  • All members are cash-pay patients. This provides you the best price for the service.
  • The member pays their IUA directly to the provider and submits the medical bills to Sedera for reimbursement of the amount above the IUA.
  • Sedera pays the reimbursement directly to the member and the member then pays the provider.
  • Sedera will help negotiate prices for non-emergency procedures. Be sure to engage with Sedera as soon as you learn a procedure is necessary.
  • Pre-existing conditions may be reimbursed at a lower rate during the first few years.  Contact Sedera at 800-473-5472 to discuss your situation
  • Enrollment can be done at anytime.

Pre-Existing Conditions:

Contact Sedera at 800-473-5472

To Enroll follow this link:

Payment for the premiums will be drafted from your bank account or credit card monthly on the day you enroll and on the enrollment anniversary date until canceled.

The premium table to the right illustrates monthly payments for individuals younger than 30 years old in the left column and more than 30 years old in the right column.

The monthly membership contribution costs include the Member Share Amount and Member Services Fees of $65 for Member Only, $110 for Member + Spouse and Member + Child(ren), and $160 for Member + Family. They also include the costs for Telemedicine and Expert Second Opinion Services, and the monthly banking fee of $3 per month.

Sedera Households with one or more tobacco users contribute an additional $75.00 per month. If the Member who is a tobacco user is
over the age of 50, then Medical Needs for that Member are limited to $25,000 for each of the following four disease categories: Cancer,
Heart conditions, COPD and Stroke. See Section 8.A. of the Sedera SELECT+ Guidelines for more information.



Pinnacle Program

To Enroll

Must be a member of Siskiyou Vital Medicine.
Contact our office at and request a Pinnacle Enrollment form.  An electronic version will be emailed to you.  You may complete the form on-line, or print and complete. Submit the form to Siskiyou Vital Medicine no later than the 15th of the month for benefits starting next month.


Dental is provided through Ameritas.
Here are some highlights of the Dental program:

  • $50 deductible (Waived for Preventative)
  • 100% preventative.
  • 80% basic
  • 50% major
  • $1,500 annual maximum, per person
  • No waiting periods


Vision is provided through Ameritas.
Here are some highlights of the Vision program:

  • Exam, lenses, frames are covered every 12 months
  • $10 Deductible for annual eye exams
  • $25 Deductible for lenses or frames
  • Frames covered up to $150
  • No waiting periods

RX Discount

RX discount is provided through The Health Wallet.
Here are some highlights of the discount program:

  • Phone App or Website can be used to find coupons to reduce the cost of your prescription medications
  • 95 Affordable Care Act drugs are at no-cost.
  • Over 67,000 pharmacies in the network
  • No waiting periods

Cost Dental/Vision/RX Pinnacle Program:

  • $  84.00/mo. – Member
  • $151.57/mo. – Member + Spouse
  • $161.23/mo. – Member + Children
  • $242.83/mo. – Member + Family

Payment for the premiums will be drafted from your bank account or credit card on the day you enroll and monthly thereafter on the anniversary date of your membership with Siskiyou Vital Medicine.


*Completed enrollment forms must be submitted by the deadline to or our office: 940 Ellendale Drive, Suite 102, Medford, OR 97504.


Consider joining the VITAL EDGE HEALTH NETWORK where you pay for healthcare, not health coverage. Starting at $100 a month per employee.