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9 Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy

Every parent wants the best for their child(ren).  Keeping our children healthy is vital to their happiness and success.  Especially with school now underway, parents often ask, “How can I prevent my kid(s) from seemingly catching every illness?”  For some parents, they may question whether their child is ever really “well” because of the short bouts between illnesses, especially things like coughs and the common cold…

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Direct Primary Care – Affordable, High Quality Healthcare, for the Entire Community

Now, there is an innovative solution for our community’s healthcare needs. The days of waiting two weeks for a doctor’s appointment, having limited time with a doctor, expensive procedures, and huge out-of-pocket costs due to ever-increasing insurance deductibles, are over! There’s a new kind of care in town called Direct Primary Care (DPC). Direct Primary Care is so popular that patients, physicians, employers, payers and policymakers across the US are embracing the model…

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