Our Practice

Whatever your goals, your illness, or your symptoms, naturopathic medicine can help you to have more freedom in your life to live the way you want. While addressing symptoms can give temporary, but important relief, we will move far beyond that.

Our naturopathic physicians practice medicine with the philosophy that the human body, when given the right conditions, can maintain and restore health. We work with our patients to put in place sustainable health strategies that promote vitality through the use of natural, low force interventions, along with the judicious use of higher force interventions when applicable.

Our naturopathic physicians are here to help you listen to and find out the cause of those symptoms. By addressing the cause, stimulating vitality, and optimizing fundamentals & determinants of health, there are generalized effects that bring about symptom improvement, increased overall well-being, and most importantly, healing.

The Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

Do no harm

We use methods and medicines that minimize the risk of harmful side effects.

Emphasize prevention

We partner with the patient to assess risk factors and recommend appropriate naturopathic interventions to maintain health and prevent illness.

Support the healing power of the body

We recognize and remove obstacles to the body's inherent self-healing process.

Treat the causes of disease

We identify and remove the underlying causes of illness, rather than suppressing symptoms.

Heal the whole person

We design individualized treatment protocols for each patient, taking into consideration the unique physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social and spiritual factors that contribute to illness.


We are passionate about healthy living and preventative medicine and love to share our knowledge with patients and encourage their individual responsibility for health.