Siskiyou Vital Medicine would like to welcome you to a personalized, whole-body approach to medicine and primary care. My name is Dr. McClane Duncan. I am a naturopathic physician and founder of Siskiyou Vital Medicine. I’d like to share with you my history as a Direct Primary Care provider and the vision I hold for medicine and health care practices now and into the future.


Seven years ago, I finished my medical training and ventured out into the world, fully qualified to provide medical care but without any knowledge around how to run a successful medical practice. I found that my options for care delivery were limited to either attracting cash pay patients or to credential with insurance companies. I struggled to envision either as a fit for me.


I had heard about the tribulations that being on insurance brings into a practice; I wanted to provide excellent care for my patients and I didn’t want to chase payments. I also found that hanging a shingle and focusing on illness was expensive and time consuming. I needed a model that promoted wellness, an impactful patient-provider interaction, and transparency. I found these qualities in Direct Primary Care.


I took a leap of faith opening my own Direct Primary Care practice and I have not once regretted my decision. I have found that the model not only promotes wellness for my members and patients but it also promotes wellness within the care team. Our values and practice goals are aligned with our members’ and their expectations for exceptional health care delivery. This has created a wellness culture and a tight knit family feel.


People frequently comment on how comfortable our setting is and are always impressed with the level of care and customer experience. Our member model embodies what could be considered “Community Supported Healthcare.” The provider and the members are interwoven, and working together to achieve better health.


Due to Direct Primary Care’s many positive attributes, I believe it is the Primary Care Model of the now and the future. The antiquated health care system struggles under the weight of chronic illness, disease management and is tied down by inflated bureaucratic policies, strict time limitations and earning expectations.


Direct Primary Care addresses these issues through its simplistic membership billing and by incentivizing providers to take preventative measures that not only eliminate chronic illness but save members and patients money.


To learn more about our Direct Primary Care program at Siskiyou Vital Medicine, peruse our website or contact us by phone at 541-210-5687 or in person.