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Jody Deland CCT, LMT


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I am excited to be providing thermography to Central Oregon. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns

Jody’s entry into thermography stems from a painful unnecessary experience with the traditional approach to breast health.  After a routine mammogram, she underwent a very painful, invasive, expensive biopsy and weeks of uncertainty about her future.  Thankfully the outcome was not cancer.

Hearing others describe similar and worse diagnostic nightmares, she set out to investigate options and discovered that technology exists to detect abnormalities with thermography years before they are visible on a mammogram and without pain and suffering.

Jody’s understanding and appreciation of thermography is heightened by her background in therapeutic massage because thermography provides a visual layer of information useful in treating injury and inflammation, trigger points and restricted ischemic areas of the body.

She believes thermography will soon be recognized as the most reasonable tool for monitoring breast health, reducing the need for mammograms, biopsies, x-rays and MRI’s.

When not behind the camera or doing bodywork, Jody might be found gardening, sailing, reading or enjoying the Oregon outdoors.

Jody is a certified clinical thermographer by the American College of Clinical Thermographers.