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Judah Veitel, BSc

My one-on-one sessions are a combination of nutritional, life, and spiritual coaching that help people achieve their goals for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

My Approach

I am a nutritionist and life scientist whose passion for physiology, nutrition, medicinal plants and esoteric studies spans more than 20 years. This study has cultivated a deep wisdom regarding the dynamic relationship existing between the human being and the whole of life.

My Background

My main area of study has been the interconnectedness of the physiology of the human organism and its relationship to, and perception of, its environment as it impacts ones health and well-being.I completed my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the Union Institute and University and went on to be the Director of Education for a top whole-food nutritional supplement company and a Clinical Consultant for healthcare professionals practicing nutritional medicine. As a Clinical Consultant, I studied the principles of Functional and Biological Medicines as a way to gain a stronger understanding of the human physiology, which became the foundation of my spiritual scientific research into the human organism. I have lectured throughout the U.S. and Canada, helping to transform people’s journey to health and well-being.

My Education

  • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the Union Institute and University
  • American Association of Nutritional Consultants: Certified Nutrition Consultant
  • Certified Metabolic Type Advisor

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