– Many of you have noticed that you have a lot more sinus issues, maybe headaches, maybe ear pressure. And that’s really just due to irritation of the mucous membranes. So, we need to talk about strategies on how to help your respiratory system recover from all of this.

– Seems like, perhaps a good expectorant would be one way to approach this.

– Absolutely. Anything that really increases cilia activity and supports the detoxification of the mucous membranes. So expectorants are really nice. If you get something over the counter, you want to look for stuff that contains guaifenesin, which will help thin mucous so you can get it out of your lungs. If you’re already compromised, if you have COPD, asthma, hypertension, or cardiovascular disease, it’s really important that you wear a mask. And then, also use something like an expectorant. I like herbs like mullein, yerba santa. I also like fish oils, because we like to reduce inflammation in the airways, right? So there’s going to be a lot of irritants in the air, and a lot of irritants in the airways. So, getting on a fish oil or cod liver oil something with EPA DHA in it. But taking high doses of that during the fire season, so that means one gram to three grams daily. If you’re on a blood thinner, or if you’re on any blood thinning medications, you need to give us a call and talk about that prescription to make sure that we’re not gonna run you into trouble with the medications.

– Right. Some other herbs that might be more appropriate for somebody with that could be turmeric.

– Mm-hmm, absolutely.

– Some turmeric, high doses of turmeric, perhaps resveratrol. Boswellia.

– Absolutely. So antioxidants, right? Cut down on the inflammation. Also, think about the amino acid NAC, N-acetyl cysteine, and that’s to help with glutathione production. If you guys are feeling really toxic and just kinda need to take a break and clean out, then come to the clinic. We have an infrared sauna you can get in and sweat. We also have a shower you can sweat, you can shower afterwards. But also we can do some IV therapies to help with the detox process Help your liver detox as well as your lungs and you know, really focus on supporting those airways and getting them open and cleansing.