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VIDEO: Detox, Part 4

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– Sweating is a great way to get rid of toxins in the body. It’s easy. And, the more you do it, the more benefit there is. So, we do have a sauna here at Siskiyou. So you know, you guys as members are welcome to come and use that. And, Ron and I have… Read More

VIDEO: Detox, Part 2

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– Probiotics not only effect the microbiome and effect the immune system, but they’re actually chelating. – Wow. – Some of the bacteria actually glomming onto mercury in our guts and pulling that out of our intestines. So we’re finding each day that probiotics serve a wide variety of purposes that benefit our health in… Read More

VIDEO: Detox, Part 1

VIDEO: Detox, Part 1

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– The amount of synthetic chemicals that we’re surrounded by nowadays. Our liver is really good at detoxing plant chemicals, but the synthetic chemicals, I think, pose more of a challenge ’cause the liver doesn’t have the familiarity, perhaps? – What’s fascinating about that is we’re designing all kinds of new chemicals in our environment,… Read More

VIDEO: Detox, Part 3

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– We always talk about phase one and phase two detoxification. That has a lot to do with taking a substance into the liver and then biochemically transforming that substance, making it either water-soluble or fat-soluble, and sort of making it inert and putting it into the digestive tract or pushing it out through the… Read More

VIDEO: Detox, Part 5

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– You know, some of us will say, you know I’m not really, I don’t have any environmental exposures. But we both know that there are – Yes. – thousands and thousands of compounds that are released into our environment each day. not to mention all the pharmaceuticals that are in our water supply. That’s… Read More