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Escharotic treatment

Escharotic treatment is appropriate for women with high-risk cervical dysplasia, also known as CIN 2 or CIN 3. It is an ablative therapy that involves the application of naturally derived compounds to the cervix. This causes breakdown and sloughing (or shedding) of abnormal cells from the surface of the cervix. Escharotic treatment is considered an alternative to LEEP or cryotherapy; however, it is known to cause less scarring. The treatment protocol involves 10 treatment sessions/office visits. Patients desiring escharotic treatment are required to have a colposcopy procedure (to be obtained at an outside gynecology clinic) and must meet other specific diagnostic criteria to qualify. Please contact the clinic for specifics regarding cost and other details. Dr. Katie Guidotti is also available to meet for a free 15-minute office consultation to answer questions and discuss the escharotic procedure in more detail.


Katie Guidotti, ND