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Intuitive Soul Healing

“Grace is always falling like rain. We just have to be open to receive it.”~ Amma, Spiritual leader, humanitarian, and visionary


Your Soul is speaking and I am simply listening. Your Soul knows the most beneficial healing route to take in each moment, as we step aside with ease and allow an empty space for Grace, stillness, and Truth to guide the way.

In this transformational Soul to Soul collaboration, the results are nothing less than astounding, moving, expanding, and even miraculous.

You are unlimited, and this Intuitive Soul Healing session has the potential to take you into new depths, perceptions and insights previously unseen and unknown, simply by letting go and letting Spirit lead. It has the potential to be profoundly life-changing, if you so choose, and allow it to be.

This is an invitation to give yourself the gift of allowing Self to lead the way, and surrendering to the something bigger that is all ways emerging and leading you back Home to remember and realize your True Divine Self, led by Spirit.

Some possible healing modalities that may emerge in our sessions are: meditation, sound, movement, stillness, conscious breathing, visualization, speaking, silence, inquiry, energy healing work, inner child dialogue, or none or all of the above. Let yourself surrender to the Mystery and trust in the process of your own inner guidance system as you bathe in pure Divine Grace.

Each session is completely unique and individualized according to each Soul’s path, and you are held in a cradle of pure love, trust, presence, and compassionate support, facilitated by myself, the Divine, and all of our guides and angels.

The power breathing you is the power healing you. You are already whole, already holy, and already free. I am here to help you remember this Truth. You have the power.



“Nicole Star has a gentleness that very accurately guides you into your own being. She has a way of bringing you into the depths of your own psyche and feeling body and gently guides you into your core for releasing the roots of old dysfunctional patterns, habits and emotions. I only suggest you go to her for healing if you truly want to know more about yourself and release the Old so you can move on to the New.”

David Moses, Ashland, Oregon

“Nicole has a powerful and intuitive healing touch. She met me at my level and held space for me with an open mind, tenderness, and confidence. The care she took in building our relationship was genuine. This allowed for me to relax and surrender. My sessions with her took me on profound spiritual journeys that have created a shift in my life. I am so lucky to have experienced energy work with her. I would seek her guidance and healing skills out in the future.

I’ve felt such trust on this cycling tour. I hear messages I get from people (the universe) more clearly, and I feel more relaxed and less afraid/on guard as a result. Its really amazing! Our sessions have been a huge benefit to me.
Thank you again.”

Cori Davidson, cyclist
Vancouver, B.C.

“My body drops into a state of peace when I recall the session I had with Star. Her gentle and loving nature created a profoundly soothing environment. She treated me with the utmost respect at my most vulnerable.  I will never forget the support she provided for me and how relieved and amazed I was after her visit.

With my whole heart I encourage you to spend at least one session with Star.
Whether you need gentle touch with essential oils, emotional support or deep listening and kindness, she is the woman to call and is a solid resource for healing. Book a session now. You will not regret it.”

Robin Reitz, Ashland, OR

“Thank you, Nicole, for such a wonderful intuitive reading last night. I was able to sift through a lot of baggage I’ve been holding onto for a long time and realized how my past is affecting my present.”

Anonymous, Ashland, OR

“My session with Star was so much more than I had expected. To be honest I didn’t know what to expect. I was looking for some inner healing but wasn’t even sure what was hurting. Star’s energy field is warm, inviting, calm and I immediately felt safe and trusted the process. Before long things just started flowing out of me. I wasn’t consciously creating the moment it was simply unfolding before me. I left my session feeling unburdened and at peace. I highly recommend Nicole’s services to anyone who is looking for some inner soul work! She is truly intuitive and healing!

Sarah, Phoenix, OR



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