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Midwifery Care

Siskiyou Vital Medicine is now offering a midwifery membership with Naturopathic Doctor and Midwife Dr. Katie Guidotti.  This year-long membership includes full-spectrum homebirth midwifery care (prenatal, birth and postpartum) as well as vaccine counseling, pelvic care, well-baby care, and more. Homebirth midwifery care is a great option for women with low-risk pregnancies. Please contact us with any questions and see Katie’s bio for more details. Dr. Guidotti shares,

“As a naturopathic midwife, I view pregnancy and childbirth as natural processes in a woman’s life. I have immense trust and reverence for women and babies as they experience these incredible life transitions. I view birth as a rite of passage into motherhood and believe it has a deep impact on women, babies and entire families. My intention with your care is to provide an environment of mutual respect, listening, and trust. I aim to support all aspects of your process, including physical, emotional and spiritual. Every woman and family is unique and will be supported as such.”

Midwifery care includes the whole family! Big brother loves his new baby, from belly through birth and beyond…  (all photos used with family permission!)


Katie Guidotti, ND

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