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Ozone Injection Therapy

Ozone is an extraordinary oxygen-containing molecule that is utilized therapeutically with profound healing effects. Oxygen is essential for energy production, detoxification, and healing in the body.  Ozone contains three molecules of Oxygen and when used correctly can result in tissue repair, better immune function, less inflammation and less pain.


Dr. Duncan typically utilizes Ozone through an injection therapy called Prolozone Therapy.

With Prolozone Dr. Duncan has improved the lives of patients suffering from osteoarthritis, disc herniation, neuropathy, shingles, degenerative disc disease and more.


Through decades of use, Ozone has been proven safe and effective for a variety of health complaints ranging from joint pain to infections.


Here are some of the remarkable healing qualities of Ozone:

-Elimination of Chronic Inflammation

-Improved Tissue Repair

-Improved Cell Energy Production

-Improved Immune Function

-Elimination of Pain

-Elimination of Bacteria and Viruses


Prior to your Prolozone injection appointment, refrain from taking antioxidant supplements for 24 hrs.


For more information on the uses of Ozone please visit Dr. Robert Rowen’s YouTube page at


McClane Duncan, ND

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