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I am a retired nurse with 40 plus years experience. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing with graduate studies in community health. I have worked in all areas of nursing – including surgical/medical intensive care; 10 years at Johns Hopkins Hospital Baltimore, MD in a bone marrow transplant unit working with cancer patients; 10 years as a Hospice Case Manager in Baltimore MD area. I am a Reiki Master; certified Reflexologist using the European reflexology techniques; Healing Touch practitioner with 30 years experience, taught 2 semesters with nursing students both in theory and clinical in a junior college in Calif; trained at a metaphysical school called Delphi University in GA; certified in Vitaflex Tibetan massage techniques developed by Tibetan Monks. I am a Soma Energetics practitioner using salfeggio tuning forks for Vibrational/Sound healing. I am now using specific tuning forks to activate the DNA/RNA codes for the purpose to release blocked energy and create a free flow of energy to help in the healing process. Currently learning and using Modern Energy Tapping Techniques to help reduce emotional distress so that the body can rebalance and heal.

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