Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Many of us do and with 2020 in the rearview mirror, Siskiyou Vital Medicine is ready to help you reset your focus in 2021 with healthy lifestyle choices. Whether your goal is weight loss, stress reduction, hormone balance or better habits, we can help you set a plan and support your journey.

Start simple with these 10 tips to get you on your way to a healthier you!

  1. Prioritize your health.
    This is the first step in gaining control of a healthy lifestyle. When you make your health a priority, you make yourself a priority.
  2. Get 8 hours of sleep.
    There are so many reasons to get a full night’s sleep consistently – they include: a boosted immune system; prevent weight gain; strengthen your heart; happier mood and well-being; increased productivity; and improved memory.
  3. Practice deep breathing and mindfulness.
    With all of the technology and media vying for your attention, it can seem impossible to be in the moment. Setting aside just a few minutes a day for deep breathing and mindfulness can do wonders for resetting your mood and outlook.
  4. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day.
    60% of our bodies are made of water and there are so many benefits of drinking water daily: increased energy; promotes weight loss; flushes out toxins; improves skin complexion; and maintains bowel regularity.
  5. Eat intentionally.
    Some people live to eat and some eat to live. For many, food is associated with happy memories and people and it can be easy to overindulge. When our intention of eating is fueling our body, it’s easier to make healthier choices. To avoid getting too hungry, try to eat every three to four hours and combine foods that include protein, healthy fat and complex carbohydrates.
  6. Move every day.
    Even if it’s only 10 minutes, moving your body gets the blood flowing to your muscles and mind and activates happy brain chemicals called serotonin.
  7. Adopt a positive mindset.
    Finding gratitude in everyday is one of the easiest ways to shift your mindset and open yourself up to a positive life and possibilities.
  8. Master your time.
    Most of us juggle a multitude of things a day – kids, work, household responsibilities, bills and more. To manage your time and decrease feelings of overwhelm, it’s good practice to make a daily list of what needs to get done, prioritize it, then check it off when complete.
  9. Put technology down for at least 30 minutes a day.
    Technology has become so embedded in our lives, it’s difficult to imagine life without it. However, research shows that too much screen time can lead to sleep problems, increased obesity, headaches, moodiness and decreased focus.
  10. Learn to say no.
    Setting boundaries and maintaining them is as critical to sound mental health as water is to the functioning of our bodies. Saying no is not only healthy, it’s necessary, and is the first step in taking care of your mental health.