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VIDEO: Back Pain, Part 5

By March 28, 2019March 16th, 2024No Comments

– What if you come in and you get prolotherapy, or you get prolozone, or you get PRP. What should you be eating to help repair the joint? Well, I recommend eating lots of healthy fats, and minerals, and drinking plenty of electrolyte-rich water. And the reason is, is that we wanna, to ensure the nerve is happy, we wanna make sure that the neural sheath that’s made primarily out of fat is happy. Ligaments and tendons like lots of minerals, they like lots of fat. And then we wanna support collagen production, so veggies, anything containing vitamin C, minerals, collagen, you can get the hydrolyzed bone collagen by Great Lakes. The local stores around here all have it. I’ve seen it. It’s in the green can, so the green can’s the best kind. It’s hydrolyzed, it’s easy to digest and absorb. So, I recommend that people eat lots of healthy fats, you know of course, always lots of veggies. Get your minerals, stay hydrated, and drink electrolyte-rich drinks. My favorite coconut water is Taste of Nirvana. It tastes the best to me. So if you’ve tried coconut water, and you haven’t liked it, make sure you try Taste of Nirvana. It’s my favorite. So, that pretty much does it for back pain. Now if you’re a female, and you’ve addressed everything and you still have back pain, make sure you get checked for a UTI or a kidney infection. If a male, just make sure you get a prostate examed. Make sure you’re not having any prostate issues that could contribute to low back pain. ‘Cause you don’t want it to blame working in the yard, or picking up your children, for your back pain and then never address it, and get it figured out or evaluated and learn that maybe you have, maybe you have a kidney infection. Or, maybe you have prostate issues. So just make sure you talk to a professional, a health professional, to make sure that you’re looking at every scenario possible. Because you’d hate to overlook, or treat yourself and overlook something that’s more serious.