– With each one of your memberships you help somebody else gain access to a membership. So, even though you may not be coming in every month or you may not have a health issue at this moment your membership is allowing others in our community to experience the care here at Siskiyou. So, your contribution has ripple effects throughout the community. And it’s really changing a lot of lives and it’s goin to change even the Health Care system. It really is going to revolutionize the way we all receive Health Care in this country. And really what that comes down to is better care for reasonable prices That’s right.

– and care that looks at long term health strategies that are sustainable. And mitigating chronic illness.

– Yep!

– Right?

– Exactly! And that is the future because we’re in the future of chronic illness right now. And the mainstream model does not have the adequate tools

– Or the time.

– or the time to care for and reverse chronic conditions. Which we do. And that’s the beautiful thing about this. So yes, your membership definitely serves you but it serves so much more than just you. You’re actually helping create a Health Care or a Health Delivery system revolution. Is what you’re really doing.

– Absolutely!