– Siskiyou Vital Medicine really is a wellness clinic, and we’re primary care, but we’re focused on wellness, and we’re focused on prevention of disease and the mitigation, or the prevention, of chronic illness, so we’re not interested in people getting diabetes or cardiovascular disease or obesity or cancers or Alzheimer’s or any of those things that are gonna cause illness or–

– Compromise life.

– Compromise life for loss of freedom. And that’s the beauty of our model is that you guys get to access us unrestricted, right? We don’t put a limitation on how many visits you can have here at Siskiyou, which is lovely–

– Right.

– It takes the limitations and the barriers to care out of medicine.

– Yeah.

– Yeah.

– One of the things that we do is that we’ll identify patients that might need a little more time and attention. They might need some hand holding for a little while to get settled into a new way of life, ’cause a lot of times, what we’re doing is we’re helping people adopt new ways of living. New lifestyles, new approaches. And that can be, that can require a lot of support at first.

– Yes.

– So, there’s a lot of times where I will identify patients that might need to see me once a week for the first four weeks, just to get settled into this new way of living, and that’s going to add to their success. And they don’t have to pay extra for that.

– That’s–

– Super nice.

– That’s all in the cost of their membership.

– The lifestyle interventions are no-brainers. They seem very simple, but they’re really the hardest interventions to make and they’re the hardest habits to change, so I think that’s great, in terms of our membership. It just removes all of the financial barriers to getting that exquisite quality care that some people really need.