– So I think of our practice as kind of threefold. One is the lifestyle stuff, and Ron is sort of, what I like to say is he’s our care sherpa. He’s gonna guide your experience through Siskiyou, through educational resources. He teaches classes on a regular basis on the foundations of wellness or the dynamics of wellness. We’re looking at nutrition. We’re looking at supplementation review. We’re looking at basic lab work review.

– Stress reduction techniques.

– Exactly. Movements, meditation, heart math. We’re looking at all of these things to really set a strong foundation, and we’re not interested in chasing symptoms around. We’re really trying to get down and boil down to what is the root cause of your, of illness or how do we best set you up for success.

– Exactly.

– How are we achieving your health goals?

– Exactly.

– So it’s a lot about, a lot of it is about empowerment.

– Right.

– And then, my role is kinda layered in, and my role is to make sure that you’re medically sound, that you’re not acutely ill, you don’t need any life or emergency interventions, that your medications are up to date, that your supplements are up to date, that we’re addressing any acute pain or anything that could be considered medically necessary. We’re ordering labs. We’re ordering imaging. We’re checking up to make sure that you’re progressing along, and we’re developing a plan so that you can progress along and achieve your health goals. Then we have the other layer, and that’s kind of all the auxiliary things that we offer. We do classes with different practitioners. We have–

– Our own set of classes.

– We have our own set of classes. We’re trying to bring yoga into the space. We have practitioners here that do things like acupuncture, and we have reflexology. So there’s a lot kind of wrapped all in, and basically we’re a community center and we’re all in this together. We’re trying to create a wellness culture where everybody’s interested in their health and eating well, sleeping well, moving their bodies, relating to their environment, interpersonal, inner environment as well as external environment, and just coming to a place of resilience.