– One of the things that we understand here is that mindset has a lot to do with wellness. Our thoughts play a key role here. One of the things that I love to do with people is when they come to see me is we start working on mindset stuff. So they can start really getting ahold of thinking more positively and being able to empower themselves to make the changes and what comes from that is just this sense of reward. The sense of accomplishment and I can do this, and that just leads to a more positive way of living.

– We like to leave the victim role really and empower. I see each of our members as being well and vital and I think that’s key. One thing I wanted to touch on real quick is that patients or members are trying to figure out “how do I access you if I need an appointment today?”. Lets say you wake up and you strain your back or you injure something and you’re in pain. We have acute visits available each day. So if you are a member our goal is to get you in as soon as possible and resolve your issue ASAP. All right? So either you need to call the office and say the magic word, that I’ve injured myself, I’m in pain, I really need to get in today. We’re going to try and get you in okay? If you have a quick question, if its like you know I’ve been taking this supplement or I’ve been taking something and “x” is happening. That’s a great email question so you can send either Ron an email if it’s nutrition related or if its supplement related. If it’s medication related or its some other health issue that’s kind of popped up you can email me and our email addresses are available on our website. The other way you can get ahold of us is, for a quick question something that’s not too in depth, is just simply text the office number. You can text your name so you can say this is so and so, I have a quick question and you can address it to either Ron or you can address it to myself. The number is 541-210-5687 and that’s for members only. If you’d like to shoot us a text that’s a really quick way to get ahold of us. Sometimes getting ahold of us on the phone is kind of hard to do just because we’re in and out of patient visits all day long. Getting to email can be difficult too because our inboxes just fill up, you know like crazy. You could send an email at nine and by ten its going to be twenty-five messages below another. Texting is really a nice way. Okay, but we try to get people in within the same week and if it’s acute we will try to get you in the same day. Questions? Email or text.