So this can be done with eyes open, eyes closed, some people find it’s helpful to turn the eyes closed, but I’m gonna keep my eyes open. And so what I’m doing now, even while I’m speaking, is I’m starting to turn my attention inside, and I’m just paying attention to what’s happening in my physical body, and in doing that I’m starting to notice some sensations that I wasn’t aware of just a minute ago when I was speaking. So some of the sensations that I’m feeling is a little bit, almost like a tingling down in my belly, feeling a little bit of energy up into my chest, a little bit of almost kind of tingling energy. Immediately there is a tendency for a thought to arise. So I feel something, I feel this vibration in my chest, and then the thought arises to interpret that feeling. What does that mean, what does this feeling in my body mean? So the thought came up, this means this is nervous, this means a nervousness. This is probably from my past conditioning. I’ve felt this before in different situations. I thought, okay, this is nervousness. Well, here’s an opportunity, what if I just let that thought go, and I come right back to the feeling. What if I use the fact that there is a thought to let me know that, actually, there is a feeling there to meet, and that there’s a thought is almost like a road, again, pointing away from that feeling. Well, I’m gonna let that thought go, and then I’m gonna turn and bring my attention right back to the feeling. So in dropping into this feeling, okay, so there’s a feeling in the physical body. I’m gonna close my eyes for a moment. Okay, and now I’m gonna drop into, well, I would say the emotional body. To define what the emotional body is in space, it’s fluid, it’s not really something that, it exists in space, it can be felt, emotions can be felt within the boundaries of the physical body, sometimes they can be found outside of it. But in dropping into that, below that physical sensation, I find that, okay, there’s an emotion present here. And the emotion is fear, so there’s a little bit of fear. And that’s actually what was simmering and generating that story of, oh, nervousness and anything else that came with that.