– Can you tell us a little bit about what Healing Touch is?

– Healing Touch was taught by nurses who had their PhD’s and who were instructors. And it’s just learning how to work with the energy and bring the energy out. You clear the chakras, the energy centers, but you just bring that out so they can do their own healing. It’s just a touch thing. You don’t have to put your hands on them, you can do it off the body. But you can transmit it. And you just concentrate on what you’re doing. Energy goes where the thought goes.

– Right, right.

– And so if you want someone to feel comfortable all you have to do is just touch a couple places and bring the energy up and then they can relax. They know the difference. I don’t know what it is with patients some things, when you touch, if you really care about someone, then just the touch of the warmth of your hand or the hug. A lot of people don’t do that.

– Right.

– Uh huh.

– Going into the hospital, it’s kind of a very sterile environment, it’s a scary place, especially if you have a terminal illness.

– Yeah. If you’re really sick.

– It’s gotta be. And to have someone like yourself to come in and to really make that connection with somebody, wow, that’s super powerful!

– You transmit energy. I think it’s almost like transmitting love.

– Hmm.

– People know when you care about them.

– Yes.

– And I think that was the difference because some nurses would have clients, patients there, and sometimes they wanted you to come in there and just pray with them. I had this one patient, we usually follow the patient each night. If she was part of your team, you followed her. Because you manage her care. Even though in the hospital. ‘Cause the nurses in the hospital there at Hopkins, you’re trained, you are their spokeperson. If someone was in pain, even with a morphine drips, you could come in there and do some of this touch healing. That’s what, it was taught by nurses for people in the medical field. You could help them relax and they would be able to sleep.

– So how long have you been doing Healing Touch for?

– For 30 years.

– For 30 years?

– Yeah.

– Wow.

– For 30 years!

– Thirty years a practitioner.

– So if you want an experienced practitioner in the realm of Healing Touch, Pat Dykes would be a wonderful person.

– Sounds like it, yeah right.

– Come see her.