– I took some courses in learning how to use sound therapy with the Tibetan bowls. And it was taught by a Tibetan monk. He comes here to Ashland, I took the course in Ashland. The bowl that I use is made out of nine different kinds of metal. It’s all handmade by the Tibetan monks. And you just hit it and the sound, if you put it on the body, goes all the way to the back, if you put it on the abdomen and things. And you can do different healings with sound.

– And I got to experience the bowl.

– Did you really?

– Yeah, it was wonderful. So, she put it on my abdomen, and then tapped the bowl, and the sound literally travels through your body. You can feel the vibrations, it was very nice.

– Yeah, I use it on people if they’ve had back problems and things like that. It just depends on what else you do with them. I don’t use the bowl on everybody, but if they wanna try it, I do, I like to gong it.

– That is awesome, that was so good.