– When we see you with certain signs of dysfunction such as acne or sometimes being in the sun, we will think about protecting the skin but what people are oftentimes not thinking about is the totality of the skin It’s the largest organ in the body.

– Which most people don’t realize it’s an organ so we think of liver, we think of kidneys, but skin is the largest organ.

– And what an organ essentially is, is it’s just a level of organization it’s a system, you know, and the skin happens to be intimately connected to the nervous system. In fact, you could almost make the argument that the skin and the nervous system, not almost, you can, in fact I will make the argument right now, that the skin and the nervous system are one in the same. There’s no clear boundary between these two systems, if you look back to the origin of the skin, and the nervous system, they come from the same cell type, the same layer of cells during embryonic development. And so, there’s three different main, without getting too much into embryology, which is kind of a complex topic, but there’s three main cell types that we start with, that go on to differentiate to form all of the different cell types in our bodies, which there’s, innumerable. However, so this, the nervous system, and the skin have that common origin. Which is important, because then, when we look at the full development, and when the body is finished and we have the skin encasing all

– Holding us in. Holding us in. Forming this real, you know, the interface. It’s like this primary interface with the outer world, and every square inch, the entire surface area, that’s a better way of saying, the entire surface area of the skin has nerve endings. So there you go, when you look at the sensory, you know if you look at that sensory piece, is that we have nerve endings, and that’s what allows us to know where we are in space, it’s really one of the key senses, interaction, so.

– I was reading something last night about the senses, as a matter of fact, and one of the things that they said, that this physician said, that you could actually look at the skin and touch as the archetype of all the senses. Which is really interesting, it was a interesting statement that he had made,

– That is, yeah that is. I could see that being, I could see some truth to that in that if we maybe, if we look at the main senses being like hearing, vision, smell, taste, and then touch, those would be the main five, and you get rid of any one of the others, and you can still perhaps, you can still interact with the world. The other sense will pick up the slack and sharpen, but if you think about, if you got rid of the skin, would that sensory touch,

– Not gonna happen Not gonna happen.

– Yeah

– It would really be a, it seems like that would create a lot more isolation.