– And the most obvious might be for cosmetic reasons.

– Mmm-hmm.

– You know, people might have a very large mole. They might have some sun damaged skin that has started to redden and get dry, and flaky, and crusty over time. Which could be potentially is what we call precancerous lesion or perhaps it’s already, moving into that realm of a carcinoma, or cancerous lesion. So, of course you’d want to get rid of those to improve the appearance. Why is that important? Because, you know, having a healthy appearance is that affects the psychological body. So I don’t discount cosmetics. Some people, patients will often times come to see me and it’s almost like they feel a little self conscious that maybe they are somehow, what’s the word I’m looking for? It’s somehow they’re not entitled to care about their appearance. You know what I mean? Oh, that perhaps they’re self absorbed by wanting to get rid of that lesion.

– Right.

– And no, I don’t buy that at all. I think that it’s really justified because it really does, and it’s important to feel good about the way you look because that affects your well being. And the psych a lot, you know the emotional body, the mind I mean that has as big a impact, on our health as anything that’s happened, happening physically.

– I firmly believe disease begins in consciousness. The way we’re thinking and feeling about things.

– Yeah, absolutely.

– So, the more that we can feel healthy, and good about who we are, and whether it be our external appearance or our internal that’s crucial.

– Yeah.

– Yeah.

– So that would be the first reason, and so we wanna take care of it and that to help someone out to, really improve just their overall psychological well being. Next would be, perhaps is that, and I already kinda hinted at this, if the lesion could potentially become dangerous. Is that, does that lesion have a potential to become skin cancer over time? And so obviously if that’s the case, well, we wanna get rid of it. And, one of the beauties of this treatment that Dr. T developed is that we can treat all over the body, not just on the epithelial, the outer skin cells, but also in the mucosal membranes as well. So it’s safe to treat, inside the mouth, on the eyelid, inside the eyelid even, I’ve removed lesions, I’ve removed lesions from inside the eyelid.

– Wow.

– Now if you’ll notice, these are areas where there isn’t a surgical option.

– Right.

– You know, and even if you get like a skin tag growing on your eyelid, which is very common, there isn’t a surgical option for that because there just, the skin isn’t thick enough to cut it out.

– Right.

– You know, and so this gives us a great alternative, a very effective alternative where we can treat lesions in really sensitive spots. And so the second reason, the first we said for the cosmetic, the second is, is that for safety. Obviously for health we wanna make sure and treat anything that could potentially be dangerous. Now the third reason, is that, any abnormality of the skin is gonna create a certain amount of what we call neurologic irritation. And many of the listeners who have probably experienced it you might have a skin tag, you might have a mole somewhere, and over time your clothes rubs on that spot. And that can irritate you, and maybe it’s a spot that you start itching. You know and it’s over time and maybe it’s like, oh, you itch it off and it maybe it gets a little bit bloody and a scab forms and then, you know it goes through this cycle. Well, that mechanical irritation, so again think of this idea of the skin, and the nervous system as one. That stimulus, that stimulus into the nervous system and I like to, to liken it to white noise.

– Yeah.

– You know, it’s white noise. It’s not, it’s not, a healthy stimulus, it’s not, it’s not doing anything positive, it’s just white noise. It’s just kind of over stimulus. And so in the perfect, the ideal state is the skin is smooth and unblemished. And that’s when it’s most receptive to this magical world that we live in, you know. And, and to really doing it’s job of being the sensory organ that forms the interface between us and the outer world. So, by getting rid of these lesions that are like pockets of white noise creating a necessary neurological irritation, stimulation, that’s a way of just.

– Ahh.

– Calming down the nervous system. Bringing down, just kinda the overall tone of the nervous system, which is a good thing.

– Yes.

– Because, in this world we live in, we’re subject to stress on so many different levels, obviously. So, any opportunity we have to bring down the overall tonus of stress is going to be beneficial for our health.