– Patients can come in any time. Come in, have a chat. Free consultation, and let them know more about the service, about the treatment, answer any questions they may have, and then if they choose to have treatment, great. They can have it then and there. They can reschedule for later because it’s really quick. It’s effective. We were just talking about for most common lesions it only takes a few minutes. So often times people will come in for a free consultation. They find out “Oh, this sounds really good. “this is something that I’m interested in.” and then I say “Well, could you do it right now?” and most of the time, yes is the answer. Time permits.

– Right on. That’s awesome. It’s nice to be able to go in, get it, or at least get the consultation, get the procedure, be done, on the way.

– Yeah, and that’s the beauty of this real, direct healthcare. Which is what siskiyou vital medicine is about. So this is, I would call this a low tech procedure. This isn’t utilizing any high tech, expensive equipment. It’s really simple, and yet just because it’s low tech does not mean that it’s not effective, or potentially even more effective than the higher tech, or more expensive treatments out there, and that’s something that’s important to keep in mind, because it’s easy to lose track. We tend to associate in this world, the fancier, the more expensive, the more technology involved, the better the results. Well, the truth is, often times it’s quite the opposite.

– Absolutely. If you took good care of yourself, you ate real food, used medicinal herbs, and had some really simple treatments, you’d probably live really well, really healthy, and you don’t need any high tech gadgets to get you there, so…

– Yeah.