– I would want people to know not to fear the sun.

– Mhmmm.

– You know.

– Mhmmm.

– That’s the prevailing information that’s being given in the realm of skin care in the healthcare system. In this country is to avoid the sun.

– Mhmm.

– To either don’t go out in the sun, when you do cover yourself up with sunscreen and avoid the sun because the sun is bad. Sun causes skin cancer.

– Well, nothing can be further from the truth. As a general statement, it’s just so far off of the mark.

– Yes.

– We could do a whole half an hour, easy, and then some just talking about this relationship between the skin and the sun, but I would just say to people don’t fear the sun, getting healthy sun exposure on a daily basis is really important. How do you know what a healthy dose is? A healthy dose is basically the amount of sun that your particular skin type can handle before you get burned. Getting sunburned is not a good idea. That definitely causes damage and stress. Now, the darker your skin is, the more sun that you can handle before you start to burn.

– Mhmm.

– Some people won’t ever burn in the sun, but don’t be afraid of the sun. Getting exposure all through the body is so important in so many ways. The most obvious one is for Vitamin D production, but it goes far beyond that. We spent our entire evolution, we evolved underneath the sun. It’s only recently that in the past few hundred years that people have even had the option of spending their days,

– Inside.

– Engaged in pursuits that bar them from the sun inside. So office workers, people who are spending all day in an office.

– Under fluorescent lights.

– Under fluorescent lights and not getting the sun exposure. So important that in the morning, after work, during lunch, just going outside on your lunch break for 15 minutes and just getting some sun, that’s really- Can’t underestimate the positive effects of that. That can really help out a lot.

– I would challenge you to do that and see if your mood shifts at all.

– Yeah.

– Just to get a little bit of sun every day can shift the mood dramatically.