– In the world of nutrition, I look at nutrition as a resistance process. And the more resistance that food gives in the digestive process, that means there’s more nutrition in it. So when you’re eating whole foods and you’re eating whole plant foods that need a lot of digestive forces to be broken down, your body knows that and will produce the digestive secretions that are necessary, the pancreatic juice, the hydrochloric acid, the bile, if it has the capacity, and bitters can help with that. And so the more resistance, the more nutritious. The flip side of that is, when you consume refined processed foods, the nutrients are stripped out of it, the brans may be taken away, the fibers taken out, you just have this white starchy flour in front of you. It’s not a lot of resistance there. It breaks down really quickly, really easily, and that’s why you get this spike in blood sugar also because there’s this, there’s no resistance there. It goes through the digestive system rapidly, and you get this rapid rise of blood sugar, which isn’t good for the physiology. One of the things that bitters do is they actually help stabilize blood sugar levels, which is one of the most important things in my opinion that we can do when we eat is eat in a way that maintains stable blood sugar levels. When we spike and crash our blood sugar levels, and when we’re on that blood sugar roller coaster, what that does is it can impact all of our key neurotransmitters, our serotonin, our dopamine, acetylcholine or GABA, and so it can disrupt all of our neurotransmitters which then disrupts our thinking and our feeling life and can lead to poor choices, poor actions, confused thoughts, emotional imbalances. And so we really wanna make sure that we eat to stabilize blood sugar levels. When we put some bitter foods into our diet, what that will do is one, the taste of the bitter sends a signal to the liver that whoa wait a minute, there might be something that’s potentially toxic here, and you may not wanna eat too much of that. So what that does is it one, suppresses the appetite, so you don’t eat as much of that food. And it also will help to stabilize blood sugar levels. So these are some innate mechanisms within us that our body knows what to do when we get the taste of bitter.