– When we’re looking at bitter foods to incorporate into our diet, dandelion greens are fantastic. You can get them at a good co-op or a natural foods stores will usually have really high quality dandelion greens. Or your local farmer’s market or if you’re a wild crafter you can go out and just eat some dandelion leaves out of a field somewhere that are clean preferably. Doesn’t take much, just a leaf or two. Just to get that taste of bitter in there. Endive, escarole, those are really good to add in to your diet. Those have nice bitter compounds to them. Also your dark leafy greens. So things like mustard greens, collard greens, kale, those all have a slightly bitter aspect to them. Also chicory root, dandelion root, burdock root, you can get burdock root at the grocery store as well. That’s a traditional bitter. Ginger is a traditional bitter as well with a little bit of heat to it. So it improves digestion, reduces inflammation. And has that little you’ll find that in bitter formulas many times. Now I love to incorporate bitter foods in to my every day diet. There is a teacher in North Carolina where I’m from. Frank Cook, he said eat something wild every day. And I thought that’s a fantastic recommendation because wild foods are a great source of nutrition. They have much more life force in them than something that’s been cultivated and cared for and pampered. So you can go out, eat a dandelion leaf, eat a dandelion flower, those are really good. And you’ll just get some wild food in you. Some highly nutritious food and you’ll get a little bitter stimulation as well. And then you can do digestive bitters as well. In a tincture form. We make those here. We have our own little apothecary where we can blend up different bitter formulas depending on what your needs are. So in the classification of bitters, there are warm bitters, there are cooling bitters, there are aromatic bitters. So there’s variety of ways that you can go with bitters to elicit specific physiological responses. So as an example if somebody tends to run really hot, they’re flushed all the time. You know they’re always red, they’re always sweating. That’s a person you would want to give some cooling bitters to. So things like you wouldn’t want to give them ginger as an example. You would probably want to give them something a little more cooling. Wormwood, maybe some Oregon grape root. Just some more cooling, dandelion root, things like that. Burdock root, the roots that are underground and a little more cooling. If somebody tends to run cold, then you might want to give them some spicy bitters. Get that fire going in the belly again. So there’s a variety of ways to work with these.