– Bitters can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to promote digestion, they can be used as a very gentle way to support liver detoxification. So many times people will do these really extreme detox protocols. My favorite way to do a detox is actually to just take bitters. More than at my meals, I would take bitters maybe five to six times throughout the day and get this nice stimulation for the liver to start revving up its detoxification pathways, enhance that detoxification, then come in with maybe some bentonite clay to absorb the toxins that get dumped down into the colon and help run those out of the system. That’s one of my favorite ways to do a detox ’cause it’s gentle, it supports your natural detoxification processes, and it’s plant based, so we’re really working with something that our physiology is very, very familiar with. It has a long-standing historic interaction with. So, digestive improvement, detoxification enhancement, immune health, lung health, so if there’s any kind of asthma or shortness or breath or shallow breathing, you can use the bitters to help kind of relax the airways, as well. Stimulate the appetite or even reduce appetite. Really fascinating how they can work in both ways.