– There is a meta analysis, and a meta analysis is a look at a variety of studies, and this meta analysis looked at 18 different studies and over 800,000 subjects, so this is a lot of people we’re talking about here, and what they found was that those who sat the most had a two-fold higher risk of diabetes, they had a two-and-a-half-fold higher risk of heart disease, and a 90% higher risk of death from heart disease. As well as, a 50% higher risk of death from all causes when compared to those that sat least. That’s a pretty staggering figure right there to think about. People who are sitting having that much greater risk of mortality. One of the things that researchers are starting to come out saying is that sitting is actually the new cigarette. It’s actually worse for you than cigarettes.

– Isn’t that incredible? That statistic blows my mind.

– Yes.

– Blows my mind.

– So as Dr. Duncan said earlier for every, was it, hour that you sit, you take two hours off your life span. For every cigarette that you smoke, you lose 11 minutes off of your life.

– Man.

– So, they’re even finding that people who take cigarette breaks, who take smoke breaks, at work are actually healthier than those who stay sitting because they get up and they walk for a few minutes. They move and then they come back and sit down again. So, not to say you should take up smoking so you canwalk.

– Never. It’d be terrible.

– Healthier. But the reality is is that sitting is worse than smoking.

– So, why do you think that is? Are there studies showing why that happens or what causes it?

– I think what we’re just starting to get into that right now. But one thing that’s really interesting is that they found that people who sit for too long, it actually contributes to insulin resistance. So it works on insulin production in the pancreas. And they’ve also found that it shuts down the circulation of an enzyme called Lipase, which is necessary for digesting and absorbing fats. So we don’t even break our fat down as well as we could if we sit for too long.

– Well that’s just incredible.