– How to walk properly. You think, well, I walk the way I walk. But there’s actually a right way to walk. And that is with your feet straight ahead. Many times I see people who, you know, their feet are out and maybe they kinda walk like a little duck, or you know. But if your feet are out like that it’s not really, it’s not good for a variety of muscles and structural issues, as well. So, when you’re walking, what you wanna do is, you wanna make sure that your feet are straight ahead. And you know what? It may take you some time to get there, but a little change each day, one percent change each day will lead to great change over time.

– Right, absolutely.

– Yeah.

– Yeah. Okay so, you know what I noticed today in somebody that’s complaining of sacroiliac pain or back pain, just kind of, you know, like general back pain, you know, they walked kind of in on the outside of their heels. So, that’s a problem, too. Look at he way you’re walking. If you wanna find out how you’re walking, look at the bottom of your shoe, that’ll tell you a lot. This thing is like a record keeper, right. It’s like a history book right here.

– It is, absolutely.

– How have I been walking in my life. So, are you wearing the inside of the sole, are you wearing the outside of the sole, or is just kind of generally worn.