VIDEO: Get the Most From Membership, Part 1

– Siskiyou Vital Medicine really is a wellness clinic, and we’re primary care, but we’re focused on wellness, and we’re focused on prevention of disease and the mitigation, or the prevention, of chronic illness, so we’re not interested in people getting diabetes or cardiovascular disease or obesity or cancers or Alzheimer’s or any of those…

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VIDEO: Direct Primary Care, part 5

– With each one of your memberships you help somebody else gain access to a membership. So, even though you may not be coming in every month or you may not have a health issue at this moment your membership is allowing others in our community to experience the care here at Siskiyou. So, your…

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VIDEO: Direct Primary Care, part 4

– Every time somebody comes in for an appointment, we don’t charge them, right? – Right. – There’s no charge for an appointment. And then we’re able to text, we’re able to call, we’re able to email, and there’s no barrier to care. And I think that’s the future, right? So if we can eliminate…

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VIDEO: Direct Primary Care, part 3

– The beauties of what we have the opportunity to do with people is get to know them, understand their lifestyle, understand the way that they eat, the way that they think, the way that they feel, a bit of their history, and then based on that information, we’re able to, through each of our…

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VIDEO: Direct Primary Care, part 2

– How do we prevent all of us from being dependent on pharmaceuticals? You know, you look at people over the age of 65, a majority of them are on five or more medications. – Right, which all come with side effects. – And which are treating preventable diseases that, that we should have been…

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VIDEO: Direct Primary Care, part 1

– The magic of community based medicines is in the relationship. – Exactly. – Right, it’s forming a really strong relationship between practitioners and members or patients, and getting down to what is really important in our lives together, and what is going to best serve us health wise, and what’s the root cause of…

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VIDEO: Salivary Hormone Testings, part 4

– When you look at cortisol disruptions, or long-term elevated cortisol, one of the first things that you can begin to see is blood sugar dysregulation issues where perhaps you start to get insulin resistance. – Prediabetes. – Prediabetes. You get the spare tire syndrome, so the weight gain around the midsection. – Yeah. –…

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