It’s no news that the U.S. healthcare system is too expensive, bureaucratic, and ineffective. People are paying too much and getting far too little in return, all while insurance premiums seem to constantly rise. Office visits can cost over $300 and that’s before testing or medications. Doctors often have less than 10 hurried minutes to spend with a patient and much of it is spent glaring into a computer screen, all without really listening. It shouldn’t be this way – Siskiyou Vital Medicine is on a mission to be part of the healthcare solution. 

With the elimination of out-of-pocket costs at the time of service, patients are less likely to avoid seeking care due to cost. Combined with the increased amount of time that physicians get to spend with each patient, a direct primary care (DPC) model could be more conducive to thoroughly addressing patients’ primary care needs as soon as they arise. This can potentially prevent them from escalating into situations that require emergency or inpatient care.

In Direct Primary Care: Doctors work with patients directly to provide high-quality, personalized medical care at an affordable price.

Your healthcare is direct: Healthcare is between patient and provider. Your provider knows you personally and sees you when you need something. Office visits are relaxed. You can contact them directly….even through text!

Your healthcare is efficient: We don’t use insurance because it gets in the way of the patient/doctor relationship. In our office, insurance companies and middlemen can’t dictate what care you can or can’t receive. This cuts down on unnecessary phone calls and paperwork that plague our current system and allows us to spend more time on what’s important: YOU. We use email, texting, and video chat to answer simple questions, save you time, and cut down on unnecessary visits to the doctor.

Your healthcare is affordable: Patients pay a monthly membership fee and in return, receive the full scope of primary medical care and direct access to your doctor. Doctors work for patients (not insurance companies or hospital systems) so we have your best interests at heart, both medically and financially. Prices are transparent up front, not after you receive your care as in the current healthcare system. Many patients can actually save money with a DPC membership.

Remember, any extra time gained by eliminating the billing and bureaucracy of traditional health insurance, allows for your doctor to work with you more comprehensively, within the context of your family, work, environment, lifestyle and community.