Casey Frieder, DC


It is my job and joy to help you awaken your own healing powers so that you can experience greater health and wellbeing.

In order to do so, we must optimize the foundational elements of your health, including sleep, nutrition, physical activity, relationships and your environment. This includes removing unnecessary stress and other “obstacles to cure,” that we find along the way.

We can then utilize safe and effective treatments to boost your health further, such as vitamins and herbs, osseous adjustments, soft-tissue therapies, clinical hypnotherapy, non-surgical skin blemish removal, Nasal Specific Technique, Yogic healing exercises and more.

As an integrative chiropractic physician, I respect the wisdom of nature and your own unique physiology while leveraging the knowledge of modern medical science. Whether your health problems are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, I have the tools needed to heal them at the roots.

My clinical interests include health optimization and athletic performance, weight loss, gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, anxiety and stress, brain fog and cognitive decline, obesity, diabetes, detoxification and men’s health.

I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey!


  • Doctorate Degree: Doctorate of Chiropractic, University of Western States
  • Post-Graduate Certifications: Minor Surgery, OR Board of Chiropractic, Advanced Clinical Hypnosis, Leela School of Awakening
  • Undergraduate Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, University of New Mexico; Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, University of Western States