– The skin is one of our primary ways of detoxing.

– Mhm.

– So through sweat, when we sweat, that’s one of the ways that we get rid of toxins, we release them out through the skin. Well it doesn’t just go one way coming out, we really do have to be aware that anything that we put on our skin has the potential to come inside our body.

– All the more reason to be really careful about what we put on our skin.

– That’s right.

– There’s a lot of toxic substances in skin care products it turns out so, things like parabens, methyl and propyl parabens, and a slew of other toxic compounds that are in our skin care products.

– Yeah, this is an issue that’s I think really big and it’s gonna come out more and more, and you know the shame in it is that most of the time when we’re putting on skin care products whether it’s sun screen, lotions, you know, we’re doing it with a good intention. People are doing it cause they’re like okay, this is something that’s gonna protect me. Well unfortunately that’s not always the case. People wear sunscreen to be protected from the sun’s rays, and you know, there’s no question it’s scientifically proven that getting excessive sun exposure, particularly when we burn.

– Right.

– And kind of sun damage, that that is linked with an increased chance of developing certain forms of skin cancer over time. In fact getting sun burnt is linked with an increased chance of getting all types of sun burn.

– Oh how about that.

– But if we take a little step back it actually gets a little bit more interesting because just getting sun exposure, total amount of sun exposure is linked total amount of sun exposure is linked with getting a couple types of skin cancer. The basal cell carcinoma and the squamous cell carcinoma. However, sun exposure on its own is, However, sun exposure on its own is, as long as we’re not burning, is not linked with an increased incidence of melanoma. Sun exposure has been shown to be protective against melanoma which is the most dangerous form of skin cancer, and in fact office workers, people who are always covered up and don’t have regular sun exposure, have a higher incidence of developing melanoma.