You guys have been an absolute blessing to me in so many ways!! 🤗 ❤️

Dan and I would like to let you, Dr Duncan, Pat, and Lindsey know how much we appreciate your kindness. We are always treated with respect and compassion by each one of you.

The last 2 years have not been easy for us and every kindness, no matter how small, can go a long way to help a fellow human being on the road to recovery.

— Dan & T

I wholeheartedly believe that Dr. Duncan changed my life.  I was very sick and had been under several doctor’s care for many, many years – I kept getting progressively worse until I quit my job and rarely left the house.  I thought there was no hope.  I started researching naturopathic alternatives and came across Siskiyou Vital Medicine’s website.  You offered a free consultation and I skeptically called to schedule an appointment.  I remember when I met with Dr. Duncan for the very first time, he actually spent more time with me in the free session than any of my other doctors did when I paid full price.  He listened to everything I had to say and told me that he believed he could help me.  He told me that believes in healing the body, mind and spirit.  He told me that it would take some time, and he asked me to trust him…  That was hard for me because I didn’t trust any of my other doctors – they were only interested in treating my symptoms, not helping me heal…  I got very emotional during that consult and for the first time in my adult life, I had hope.  I put all my trust in him and it’s been amazing ever since.  I am pain free, my brain is functioning again, and I am HAPPY.  I believe in what you do and would recommend you without reservation.

— Kris

This is such a special office with so much positivity, caring people and professionalism.

I have lung cancer and since starting at Siskiyou Vital I have regained hope. More than anything I just want to be treated with respect and hopefulness. I am so thankful to all of you but especially Dr. Duncan.

— Amy

They truly work with you, like health care detectives, to get to the bottom of your troubles. The services they offer are varied and comprehensive and they are also extremely kind and compassionate people. Traditional medical practitioners tend to lack some if not all of these characteristics.

What is most unique, however, is their business model of it being a monthly flat rate, with very affordable options. Who does that?!?! People who really care, that’s who

— Jessica

Dr Duncan has been treating me and I am feeling the best I have felt in 30 years. He listened carefully, explained some of the health issues that were so confusing to me and put me on a diet and now all my symptoms are slowly disappearing…almost like a dimmer switch…a little bit every day.

I highly recommend Dr Duncan! I believe that his way of practicing medicine that removes financial obstacles with his unique membership model is going to impact many people here in the valley…the secret is out…in my opinion this is the future of medicine…prevention and HEALTH care rather than sick care!!

— Evelyn

I am receiving wonderful results from the advice of Dr. Guidotti regarding my personal health.  I am very thankful for their practice and expertise. Thank you.

— Melissa D.

This is the first day in quite some time that I’ve woken up happy & looking forward to the day….Thank You Siskiyou Vital Medicine!!!

— Deborah O.

This place has been a blessing for my teenager. He has healed and grown so much since becoming a patient. The $50 a month membership fee is well worth it considering how much is offered.

— Tiffany R.

Siskiyou Vital Medicine has helped me feel alive again. I thought I was dying. 9 specialists couldn’t help me but under SVM care I’ve lost a lot of weight, I actually found myself again and I feel mentally clear!  My other providers are seeing a big positive change in me, they’re in awe…I couldn’t have done it without Siskiyou Vital Medicine!!

— Isabel

Totally positive, affordable and transformative experience. Truly holistic and professional health care. If only our health care system worked this well! I have been well cared for supported and never rushed, and always leave with a smile on my face and feeling like I have the resources I need to thrive.

— Sara H.

Best doctors I’ve had in my 23 years. After a year of gi issues and high anxiety they have truly changed my life around. Without their help I wouldn’t be where I am today!

— Lindsey

I have had a degenerative birth defect in my C-1 vertebrae my whole life. I’ve heard from surgeons, Chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists that my condition would gradually worsen over time. Dr. Duncan was the first to say otherwise. I used to suffer from migraines, intense pain, headaches and I can happily say that I haven’t had a single migraine and nowhere near any amount of pain I’ve been in for one $250 injection! Dr. Duncan is amazing! Thank you!

— Audriauna D.

After “cr-Ashlanding” in Ashland, Oregon in June 2018, I came upon Siskiyou Vital Medicine Clinic which is a 20 minute drive north to Medford. I was in very bad shape, having recently been exposed to three of the worst mold neurotoxins amongst the hundreds which vex all sentient beings.

For those who don’t know, toxic mold is a man-made phenomena caused by toxic chemicals in building supplies and improper air flow; often referred to as “sick building syndrome” for the past 30 years. These chemicals mutate the naturally-occurring mold in much the same manner as antibiotics do bacteria. In both cases, it creates out-of-control aggressively super pathogens which cause complexly great harm. And are highly difficult to manage and treat.

Dr Duncan has been trained in this disease by one of the top chronic illness specialists in this country and in the world. Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, founded the highly innovative Sophia Clinic out of Seattle. He trains naturopathic and medical doctors in his uniquely holistic protocols for mold, Lyme and its varied associated pathogens. Dr Duncan, ND, at SVM uses these treatment modalities to address the varied complex symptoms which mold illness presents.

In my case, Dr Duncan’s dynamic combination of training, intuition and deep compassion for my very difficult condition saved my life. What was an added bonus was that once he felt that another clinician could serve specific needs better than he could, he did not hesitate to refer me out to ensure my safety and maximum health-benefits. Additionally, Dr Duncan and his office manager wife, the ever-positive Sandra, together run a well-ordered, egalitarian, caring and fun ship of complimentary health care providers. My only complaint with this clinic is that I really don’t like leaving it once I am done with my sophisticated IV treatments.

I am giving it a big thumbs-up.

— Michelle T.

I had a profound healing experience in the care of this clinic. I had overextended my back and was in pain for several weeks. I received ozone injections in my back and also had a reflexology treatment and after a few days my pain was gone for good!

— Andy W.

There simply is not enough good words to say about this clinic and the people in it. Our family was one of their first clients in the valley, even before they were officially open, yet they served us in a bit of medical emergency. That launched a deep and productive relationship. I say relationship because these people don’t just treat problems, they serve people, deeply. They truly care. They go above and beyond anything required and truly care about the individual.

I have never met any other medical professional as open, caring, dedicated, and capable as those in this clinic.

Their business model is just as unique as their personal service. They provide health care, not just treatment. The memberships are a commitment to keep the members healthy, not just treat problems.

If there were 10 stars possible in this review, I would give 12!

— Dave S.

Great Doctor, Amazing Price, Spends Time With His Patients.

Thank You!! Dr. Duncan is amazing.

— Levi C.

For the first time in my life, I feel heard and truly cared for by a health practitioner! This model of service that is provided by SVM has finally allowed me to afford Naturopathic help and guidance! I am over the top excited to be working with such an amazing team! Both Dr. D. and Ron V. have so much knowledge and background and their focus is wellness- pure and simple- man that feels good! If you are looking for true health care- look no further than this caring, compassionate, highly skilled team! ❤️❤️❤️

— Lisa T.

When I came to Siskiyou Vital Medicine I had already been working with a series of allopathic doctors for three months conducting all kind of test on me.  Their conclusion was I had a condition that was brought on by stress and that was where they left it.  My condition was extreme brain fog to the point I couldn’t drive and I had to watch carefully where I walked.  I was tripping over the smallest of things because it felt like I was out of my body and I didn’t know where my body began and where it left off.  I literally felt I was walking in an actual fog, everything looked dimmed out and distant.
Within two infusion sessions with Dr Duncan the fog lifted and each proceeding infusion I have seen an improvement.  After two months of working with SVM (DuncanCaseyJudah) I can finally say I AM BACK, I say this with such gratitude that we found them in time to save me.  They are the Oasis in the Desert where you come to refresh, rebuild and return to our true human natures.
So totally grateful.

— Lucy C.

I have waited for many years to see integrative medicine come to the forefront. I can say that I have found it in its perfection at Siskiyou Vital Medicine in Medford Oregon.

This clinic is heart centered…they really care about you. You are not just a patient but part of the family. This is a place where you will be truly listened to. Also a place that welcomes your input about your condition and treatment. They have Naturopathic Doctors and a Nutritional Consultant on staff. You have access to all of them for a very reasonable fee per month. What I love is that all of them can participate in your care….how great is that…your own personal medical team!

Also you have unlimited visits to resolve your issues.

This is a medical model of the future that is happening now. This is humanistic medicine…at last.

— Tera S

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