Tara Holley, FNP-BC, MSN, CRNI


“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul, be just another human soul.”


I have been in healthcare for 20 years and know that I was born to help people. As an RN, for many years, I helped people both inpatient and in the home, specializing in specialty infusions for people with rare and chronic diseases. In many ways I became part of their families. I loved the connection I formed with these families and being able to make their journey a little smoother.

I was introduced into functional medicine about 10 years ago, and instantly knew this was the piece I didn’t know I had been missing. I dove into the functional medicine world with so many questions and was able to find answers that made sense to me about disease processes and root causes. I was able to personally try some of the techniques I was learning and see improvement in my health. I was eager to become a nurse practitioner so that I could help people find answers and achieve a healthier life, feeling better and stronger. 

I enjoy teaching people how things work in their bodies and why a certain diet or supplement or medication can help. I love learning from my patients, as well, and sharing in the experience of finding wellness.

My training is in family medicine or primary care, but I also love women’s health and cancer care, as well as nutrient therapy. The main motivator for me to become an NP, is to support the patient that has been told that there’s nothing wrong, or there’s nothing more that can be done. I believe there’s always hope or a way of improving health.


I was born and raised in the metro Denver area and love the outdoors. I grew up camping, skiing, and riding motorcycles. For the past few years I hopped around to Nebraska, Wyoming, and ended up here in the Rogue Valley, which I have fallen in love with. I enjoy spending time outside as much as possible, being on the river or heading over to the coast. 


  • Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor’s in Science, Nursing, from Western Governors University, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Graduate Degree: Master’s in Science, Nursing, from Simmons University, Boston, Massachusetts

Advanced Training

  • Certified RN of Infusion (CRNI) – Infusion Nurses Society
  • Ozone Therapy – The American Academy of Ozone Therapy
Tara Holley Family Nurse Practitioner