– Bone broth, there’s some ancient wisdom in bone broth.

– Okay.

– ’cause this has been around a long time. Bone broth, you would think bone broth is just hitting our consciousness now because it’s just getting popular. The reality is, is that bone broth has been used for thousands of years by a variety of cultures. And the most famous example of bone broth is really chicken soup stories, right? Like chicken noodle soup.

– Yeah, you get sick, what does Grandma make for you? Chicken noodle soup.

– Chicken noodle soup. And does that benefit the immune system? Somehow we all feel better when we drink chicken noodle soup. Yeah, why does everybody recommend chicken noodle soup when you get sick?

– It’s interesting.

– Isn’t it?

– But if we want to talk about some of the benefits of bone broth, is that one of the things it does, is it helps support immune function.

– Right.

– And it prevents the migration of immune cells. So, that’s a good thing.

– So, it actually helps you feel better.

– It actually helps you feel better.

– Biochemically, physically, anatomically, all that, right?

– The whole shabang.

– It’s not just because it tastes good.

– Right.

– But I’m sure that has something to do with it as well, right?

– I think so because when something is flavorful, and it nourishes our senses, and we’re built up by our senses, so nourishing our senses is really important and so if something tastes good, and feels good, that sends us a positive signal in our being and the immune system will respond to that. Our whole being will respond to that. So, we’ll feel better from it.

– There’s something to be said about the smell of when it’s cooking too, right? So, we talked about digestion and now there are several phases to digestion and one of them is the brain is sensing something cooking. So, there’s a lot to be said about that and relaxing the vagus nerve and so the immune systems responds to several different things going on at the same time. One of the great things about bone broth and the immune system, is that it sort of starts healing the gut.

– Yes.

– Right?

– Yes.

– And as you eat, if you guys have been tuning in every Wednesday, you know we’re all about the gut and we’re all about, I mean we’re talked about digestive bitters and how it affects the gut and how it affects the immune system. Well, bone broth is sort of the same thing, where it starts affecting the gut and the immune system resides in the gut. It’s constantly monitoring what’s coming in to your body from the outside world. So, it has that effect on the immune system through the intestines, right?

– Absolutely. And one of the benefits, the other benefits with the gut and is that it can heal, it can help heal the lining of the gut because bone broth happens to be rich in an amino acid called glutamine. And glutamine is necessary to maintain a healthy intestinal lining. And people who have leaky gut or intestinal permeability issues, glutamine is a key amino acid to begin healing that lining. And bone broth is rich in that amino acid. So, a cup or two or three of bone broth a day can be very healing to a gut lining.

– I think there have been books written about bone broth.

– There have.

– And the healing qualities, right? And there’s even, you can look at–

– There’s the bone broth diet even.

– Yeah, the bone broth diet or you can look at the gut and psychology syndrome diet. And look at all of the healing qualities that bone broth comes along with, that is has, but healing the gut probably one of the primary, I would say, one of the best functions of bone broth is that it has that effect on the gut.

– Yes.

– Right?

– Absolutely.