– Eat colorful foods, the colors are where the goods are. So, things like blueberry and beets and carrots, so you’re getting a rainbow of colors in your diet and that’s going to give you increased antioxidants. Some of the key ones, you can do things like kale, spinach, these are really rich in antioxidant called lutein. Lutein is an antioxidant that is known for promoting skin health. Because when the suns rays come into the skin that crates free radicals. And so foods that are rich in lutein and other antioxidants can quench those free radicals and save the skin from aging at an accelerated rate. So you can maybe look younger than you really are. That’s a good thing, so,

– Yeah that’s great.

– Yeah, so colorful foods if I was to say anything. And then if you want to do antioxidants supplements. So there’s a whole host of those that we can spend hours upon hours on. But some key ones that just out at me are Resveratrol, is a really solid antioxidant product that you can use. Vitamins A, C, E, selenium. Those are all really good ones as well.