– The chronic low back pain, the chronic back pain that people are experiencing, which is becoming more and more prevalent, is because of all of the desk jobs that people have. People are siting at their desks, in front of their computers, for long periods of time and there’s a new movement happening with stand up desks. Having desks that can go up or down. People are actually more productive when they stand and do their work than when they sit at a desk.

– You know, I find that interesting. So our kids go to a Waldorf school, right? So they actually incorporate a lot of movement into learning. So they learn math skills, or language skills, they actually incorporate that into a rhythm, a dance, some form of movement to get the kids to incorporate that into their body, which I find incredible. I was actually speaking to a patient the other day, and they were talking about some statistic they read about kids learning better when moving. So you know, if it applies to kids, I’m sure it applies to adults. The body is made to move, right?

– Right.

– We’re all made to move. We’re not made to sit sedentary for long periods of time. We’re not made to stand in one place for long periods of time. So there’s a balance that you’ve gotta strike between movement and being sedentary.